Cuckolds Have Small Penises: Fact or Fiction?

July 27, 2014

Cuckolds Have Small Penises: Fact or Fiction?

July 27, 2014

That's the big question here. Do all cuckolds have small penises and is that the reason they want to watch their woman be with another man? Not at all.

A major misconception people get when first venturing into the wild world of cuckolding is that it's all guys with tiny penises who want their girlfriend or wife to experience a well endowed man. The reality is that, yes there are plenty of guys where that is the case but there are just as many who are hung guys that desire to become cuckolds as well.

Cuckolds and the Small Penis Stereotype

The reason most people jump to this conclusion is because they can't wrap their head around the fantasy itself. For them the only reason a guy could want to watch his woman have sex with some other guy is because he has an inferior dick. It's something they don't understand completely because they haven't given it much thought and because the idea doesn't turn them on. So you ladies out there who love the idea of having a cuckold guy in your life you no longer need to worry about them all lacking in the package department.

What many people don't realize is that the cuckold fantasy is not one that is usually based on a man's inferiority (for some guys it is) but rather it's a fantasy focused on the enjoyment of his partner. He wants for her to experience the most pleasure possible, to see that men find her sexy and let her indulge in her sexuality rather than keep it all to himself.

For a true cuckold it is the pleasure his wife experience that is the driving force behind his pleasure. Rarely is it due to being not so well endowed. Many guys who are extremely well hung want to experience this same fantasy for the same reasons -- their wife or girlfriend's enjoyment.

If you were hoping to find out more about cuckolds with small penises you should read our article about cuckold penis humiliation.


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